Our Services

Live-In Care

Sometimes a few hours of care simply isn’t enough to support you or your loved one; especially where you want to retain your independence and remain in your own home.

With live in care, you’ll have a dedicated team of familiar, friendly caregivers, who are expertly trained to deliver the highest level of care that you deserve, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your caregivers will live with you and provide exactly the support you require, such as help getting up in the morning/getting ready for bed at night, keeping up with housework, preparing nutritious and balanced meals, or even socialising and companionship.

Waking and Sleeping Night Care

Overnight care gives you and your loved ones peace of mind, knowing that if a Client is to wake up during the night feeling disorientated, someone will be on hand to keep them safe and reassured.

Each overnight service is tailored exactly to the Client’s needs, whether they need to get up to go to the toilet, take medication during the night, or just need a watchful eye should they wake up in distress.

One-to-One Care

Consistency & Companionship

Consistency and Companionship are crucial to the high-quality care that we provide. We believe that supplying the same friendly and familiar individual Caregiver or team of Caregivers is vital to building long-term trusting relationships, which in turn improve the wellbeing of Clients and the quality of care that they receive.

We carefully match our Clients to the most suitable Caregiver, and make sure that they are able to meet their Caregiver to ensure compatibility before any care commences.

We thoroughly vet and background check our Caregivers to give you peace of mind that you're in safe hands.

Personal Care

We provide personal care to assist clients who require that level of support in a personalised way.

Our personal care is tailored to the needs of every individual and offers you discrete support with day to day tasks whatever your age or ability. We can be as involved as you need us to be with your personal care and ensure you are comfortable at all times. Ensuring their privacy and dignity is maintained at all times we can assist with:

  • Washing
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Grooming (shaving, hair and make-up)
  • Toiletting

Domestic Support

We understand how important it is to keep a clean and tidy home and sometimes it isn’t easy to get jobs done around the house. Thats exactly what PHC Health Care Ltd is here for, to give you the support you need to make things a little easier.

We can help you keep on top of your chores, keeping your home clean and tidy, your bed linen fresh and organised and your home looking as perfect as you want it. Some of our domestic support services include: Dusting and vacuuming Washing and ironing Changing linens Collecting medication Food shopping Watering plants Assisting with pets This is just a short selection of the domestic support we can provide at PHC Health Care ltd please contact us to discuss your specific needs.