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Compliments & complaints

We'd love to hear from you

As our complaints policy states, we provide opportunities for potential clients, our service users and their representatives or visitors to our site to give us feedback on our service. Regardless of the nature of the feedback, we promise to respond to you within 48 hours and can guarantee that this process will not negatively affect you in any way if you use our service in the future.

Report your concerns

How to notify PHC Healthcare about any of your concerns

As a service user or representative

If you're concerned about or displeased with the quality of care, please report it to us directly using the contact details provided in the footer.

As a member of staff

If you have concerns about a service user's behaviour, health or safety, please report it to us immediately using the phone numbers provided in the footer. You may also want to contact the CQC regarding such issues, in which case we suggest using the CQC contact details provided below

Contacting the CQC

If you wish to contact the CQC regarding any of the issues mentioned above, please use the following contact detials:

03000 616161

03000 616171

CQC National Customer Service Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne